This contest is to encourage enthusiastic students to work as a team and design a model app & website

DETAILED PROJECT REPORT (Template) to be submitted in the listed rounds clearly

This DPR (Detailed Project Report) consists of all the pre-requirements of the project which is implementing a creative idea so that it may become a true innovation. This template is based on experience in numerous companies around the world and, in particular, is designed to overcome issues that often prevent creative ideas from being brought to fruition.


 We request all the selected teams not to skip any of the below questions and also to give the appropriate details that are related to your Project.

  1. Explain the idea
  2. What is unique about this idea? (How is it different from existing ideas?)
  3. How will you push the special elements of your idea?
  4. Who would be the end users? (in short Stake holders?)
  5. What are the benefits and risks of this idea?
  6. What are the preventive measures taken to overcome the listed Risks?
  7. Which people, groups or organizations (if any) should you bring into this implementation in order to facilitate its successful implementation?
  8. What authorizations must you obtain (if any) to implement this idea? Include any legal licenses or certificates that might be needed.
  9. What issues – or “stumbling blocks” – can you predict that might make it difficult or impossible to implement your idea? (Open issues or New Challenges)
  10. In the event the implementation does not go to plan, what is your escape plan?
  11. Communication plan. Whom, aside from the idea development team, will you tell about this idea and how?
  12. Provide a detailed action plan for the implementation of your idea. Include timing information.

Problem Statement

Teams must design a website and the mobile application with all the following model requirements:

  1. Skill Calendar
  2. Save and schedule the dates of workshop and technical events.

    Purpose: Calendar is a powerful tool in scheduling the individuals works in a productive way. This module must display all the technical events that are scheduled in the Academic year by the Skill development team.

  3. Certification and Skill Development Programs
  4. Repository to find all the available certification/training courses.

    Purpose: Skill is a hidden talent pertaining to every individual in their specific domains, so as to enhance their skills in this regard the Skill development Team schedules many Certificate programs in multiple zoners, this part must show all those programs.

  5. Registration and payment gateway
  6. To register and make the payments for events/training programs.

    Purpose: Not all the things can be made free. So, this segment must direct the student to the Payment gateway if required with a minimal charge, that will be negotiated by Skill development team.

    • This must be a redirecting tab to the previous tab if there are interested people for any certification program which it must redirect to registration followed by Payment gateway. (if fee is 0 it check outs Rs.0 will the bill)
    • Bill must be generated in the name of registrant mandatory.
  7. CodeHackathon Platforms
  8. List all the ongoing and upcoming hackathons.

    Purpose: Hackathons have evolved into essential networking venues where talent and potential employers can cross paths.

    *This section must exhibit all the different Code hackathons platforms available for the coders to showcase their talent.

  9. Internship Opportunities
  10. Track all the latest internship available from various companies.

    Purpose: To make the students dreams come true the Skill development team provides the details of all the exciting Internships in current technologies provides by many MNC’s across the globe.

  11. Workshops
  12. Provides the details of workshops, student fest.

    Purpose: Knowledge sharing is the best way to learn and explore information. The workshops planned by the Skill development team, must be displayed where the best professionals will train the students with their expertise and experience.

  13. Infopedia
  14. Information of popular blogs, datasets etc.

    Purpose: Now a days data has become an open source where we can find all categories of information worldwide. This section must exhibit all the possible Blogs/forms where the student will be able to refer when required.

  15. Dashboard
  16. Explore the website details.

    Purpose: explores the data of entire skill environment.

Important dates

Registration Starts : 08th October, 2021
Registration Closure : 15th December, 2021
Detail Project Report (DPR) : 12th January, 2022
Design and modeling : 25th January, 2022
Project deployment : 14th February, 2022
Finale : 17th February, 2022

Terms and conditions

  • The Team Leader is responsible for all the information provided by him and his team members. Submitting false information would lead to disqualification of the team.
  • The disqualified team will not be eligible to receive any certification.
  • Using any unfair means may lead to the cancellation of the team's candidature.
  • Participants hereby acknowledge that event participation is free of charge and that participation does not entail any right to compensation of any kind or to reimbursement of any expenses incurred.
  • Information regarding registered teams will be shared with the Jury Panel and Organizing committee on need basis for the purpose of running the contest.
  • We only accept team registrations with zero registration fee!
  • We encourage and invite students of all disciplines to participate
  • Participants must apply in a team of 2-4 members.
  • The Team Leader is responsible to register other team members that will comprise the team.
  • The Team leader will also choose a unique Name for the Team.
  • The Team leader represents the team and is fully responsible for their own and their team’s conduct in the appioneering,21 contest.
  • Team leaders will ensure that their team follows the rules of the appioneering,21 contest.
  • Any act of cheating would lead to summary exit of the team from the appioneering,21 contest.
  • Teams cannot be changed once the competition has begun, and should even just one member of the team leave the competition, the entire team will be disqualified.
  • This is an event consisting of a Qualification Round and multiple assessment rounds. The winning teams will be decided based on the aggregated performance in the assessment rounds.
  • All dates and time are Indian Standard time (IST) which is GMT + 5½ hours.

Eligible Students

UG - 2,3,4 years all engg. branches

Team Members size

2 - 4 Members

Get ready to WIN Exciting Prizes!

1st prize - 10,000/-

2nd prize - 6,000/-

3rd prize - 4,000/-

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